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LIFE CARE is one of India’s largest, oldest and most respected donation platform in India.
LIFE CARE which started in the year 2011, is a Donation scheme.
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Life care Financial Rewards System is a modern entrepreneurship program providing a great earning opportunity to all its partners. To become a part of Life care, one has to register himself / herself as a preferred partner or with the company by filling a simple registration form available on the website: A preferred customer of Life care can purchase of plan Once a Preferred Customer is satisfied with their friends, relatives, contacts, etc. and earn financial benefits in the form of incomes and bonuses. To earn these incomes and bonuses.

9 Advantages Of Business Plan:
1. Seamless Global Plan
2. Excellent Growth Opportunity
3. Multiple Income Streams
4. Teamwork Incentives
5. Leverage Income
6. Exponential Growth
7. Life time Royalty Bonus
8. Fair Business Incentives
9. Online Support System

Donation Schemes

So let's come and know about the life care scheme.

Step 1:-

Registration is free and compulsory so that we the part of family members can support you in any manner. Once in the lifetime you have to donate ? 2400 in the family. Infect this family is not owned by any company or bank therefore the donation money will be donated by you and among other members. After login your I'd from the portal donation procedure will be followed up through various mentioned sources like neft, bank deposit, cash or pay tm directly to the account holder, after that inform the receiver after completing the step. Now you qualified to he next level .Format for donation will be as follows:
1) Master Coordinator – 300
2) Sponsor- 600
3) Donor 1- 300
4) Donor 2- 300
5) Donor 3- 300
6) Donor 4- 300
7) Donor 5- 300
Total 2400

Step 2:-

After your joining ask different 4 people to be a part of our family. Once you have joined 4 direct members in the family you will received? 2400 in total from being the sponsorship money (?600 each), then you will qualify to third level , from 6 instalments almost ? 16 lacs of amount will directly transfer to your personal account in the form of donations through pay tm, with no return policy.

Step 3:-

Now at this level you need to promote your 4 direct members to join their own 4 direct each. For which you need pamphlet, seminar, presentation, brochure, etc. in your city will be provided by us, by using various modes of promotion to will surely be successful in this system. Also after completing this cycle you may again login with another I'd with the donation of same amount of ?2400 and again you can enjoy up to 16 lacs of donation.

Summary:- Your donation money will be channelized in the following manner.
Step 1:
     4 director - 600x4=2400Your donated money is out.

Step 2:
     You will receive ?4800 donation.

Step 3: 16×4=64×300
     Your Donation ?19200

Step 4: 64×4=256×300
     Your Donation ?76800

Step 5: 256×4=1024×300
     Your Donation ?307200

Step 6: 1024×4=4096×300
     Your Donation ? 1228800

Total donation instalments 4800+19200+76800+307200+1228800=1636800
More donation above 16,36,800
If after this updates only one leg is working properly then also you will receive around? 3 lacs donation. Now this donation is received instantly no bondage to join 4 new members at a time.


1) Within 7 days of registration you need to transfer the donation of ?2400 compulsory.

2) Only after accepting your donation of ?2400 then your I'd will be green and then you can join 4 new member.

3) Your membership is for lifetime but if you are not active within 15days then upline have the liberty to replace your I'd with new one. Do have a clear vision of our aim of the Family with sponsor and do calmly take decision to join. Once again make a note on a point that this is not a company nor mom scheme not even it is being launched a single person. This is a family with a group of members who are helping each other with their capability.

This is a clear initiative to join hands with the people who are in need as a part of Family in any manner like financial help etc.This project basically aims on providing the stability and security of the people socially and financially. Friends do remember that our family is working on the motive to provide economic freedom to the people with the help of pure charity but not in the form of charity. There is no such foundation regarding the product selling or loans interest to be payed out infect the help received in the form of donations once given not required to return it. Now think at least for once that your right decision can change the lives of several families. So friends join today only this revolutionary campaign.

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