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Donation Plan


Donation Plan because of the simplicity of the plan and the chance of getting higher returns.This a simple way to gain wealth. This plan is also known as Donation Plan or help plan. This plan is a variation of cash gifting. Here a person gets the advantage by Gifting or Donating to others. Simply this is a type of “give and take” concept. The company can charge an amount for the managerial expenses and for the registration charges. This plan can be of many levels. All the member that is referred by you directly you will get paid. this give you more benefits because you can refer unlimited number of member in your down line Our LIFE CARE software helps in organising the bonus structure perfectly. These options add priceless value for this system.


This is another kind of the donation plan. In this Plan you have to donate to your upliner. This Plan is based on the Matrix System. and Work On the Level System. Lets Take an Example of 8*8 Matrix System. Member will Donate to 1st Level Upliner. Once his Donation is Confirmed, He will receive donation for 8 Member place on his 1st Level. Now This member have to Upgrade and donate to his 2nd Level Upliner and Than he will receive Donation from 64 Member from his 2 level downline. and then he will upgrade to 3rd level by donating to his 3rd upliner and he will receive donation from his 512 member place on his 3rd Level downline And Now This member have to Upgrade and donate to his 4nd Level Upliner and Than he will receive Donation from 4096 Member from his 4 level downline.

So let's come and know about the life care scheme.

Step 1:-

Registration is free and compulsory so that we the part of family members can support you in any manner. Once in the lifetime you have to donation ? 2000 in the family. Infect this family is not owned by any company or bank therefore the incentive money will be donated by you and among other members. After login your I'd from the portal incentive procedure will be followed up through various mentioned sources like neft, bank deposit, cash or paytm directly to the account holder, after that inform the receiver after completing the step. Now you qualified to he next level .Format for incentive will be as follows:
1) Master Coordinator – 700
2) Sponsor- 200
3) Donor 1- 150
4) Donor 2- 150
5) Donor 3- 150
6) Donor 4- 150
Total 1500

Step 2:-

After your joining ask different 8 people to be a part of our family. Once you have joined 8 direct members in the family you will received ?1500 in total from being the sponsorship money (?200 each), then you will qualify to third level , from 4 instalments almost ?7 lakhs of amount will directly transfer to your personal account in the form of donations through pay tm, with no return policy.

Your donation money will be channelized in the following manner.

Step 1:
     8 director - 200x8=1600Your donation money is out.

Step 2:
     You will receive ?9600 Donation.

Step 3: 64×8=512×150
     Your Donation ?76800

Step 4: 512×8=4096×150
     Your Donation ?614400

Total Donation instalments 1600+9600+76800+614400=702000